Bruglia shoe factory began its production of hand made women shoes of medium-high level in 1984.

Three young brothers decided to create a small company which during the past years has always worked very seriously, trying to satisfy their clients requests. The company has now grown and is spread all over the national and international market with more than 200 outlets in the best shoe shops.

We offer a wide range of women shoes of medium-high level: real hand sewn moccasins, court shoes of different heel heights also in goodyear construction, classic shoes, english style shoes, sandals, ankle length to knee length boots. We also provide a Luxury Line of valuable evening shoes and sandals embellished by real Swarovski rhinestones and other stones. Bruglia shoe factory has also decided to follow an all made-in-Italy market policy. This means that we use only Italian leathers and raw materials of first quality, and that all manufacturing processes are accomplished in Italy We control the whole process in our newly built plant in Recanati, thus obtaining the best results in the footwear business which is surely a surplus value given to our products.

Our company is characterized by a constant design and production research which means style, attention to details, elegance and comfort of our footwear.

Flexibility make us able to fit any market, always with the best results, offering a wide range of women shoes: real hand sewn moccasins of different heel height, elegant court shoes to meet all your demands, classic shoes, english style shoes, sandals, ankle boots, and an evening collection with real Swarovski rhinestones and other stones. Our highly-trained staff with years of experience in the field, will guide you with courtesy and professionalism in choosing the product which best suit to your needs.